«Mario Henrique: Portugal's Rising Artist»
Resident magazine, October 2018

"I always thought that inspiration is somewhat overrated. I try not to rely to much on it - it’s more important to be self-aware and mindful of your surroundings. You can draw inspiration from almost anything..." Read more

«Feature: Mario Henrique»
Saatchi Art Fall Catalogue 2018

"I’m always fascinated by the unpredictability of human behavior — the sudden movements, the brief glances, the impermanence of facial expressions,” says Mario Henrique of his figurative paintings. Read more

Art Village Gallery, Memphis TN, USA

Daydream, which is to thought as the nebula is to the star, borders on sleep, and is concerned with it as its frontier. An atmosphere inhabited by living transparencies... Read more

Vilaça Interiores
Cascais Marina, Portugal

Known for its exclusive and personalised interior designs, Vilaça Interiores presents a selection of paintings by Mario Henrique, at the new showroom in Cascais Marina, Portugal... Read more

«No Borders: Another Page»
Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta GA, USA

Bill Lowe Gallery presents "No Borders: Another Page", an examination of our universal psyche yearning for integrative cultural dialogue in a new age. This exhibition celebrates the... Read more

«Inside the studio»
Saatchi Art

From Mario's Saatchi Art Interview: «I don’t sketch. I plan, but I do it in my head. In most of my paintings, I start by throwing paint, trying not to overthink or anticipate... Read more

Grace Denker Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

The «Vultus» collection by Mario Henrique is based on the concept of hypernormalisation - a term first coined by the Russian anthropologist Alexei Yurchak to portray a “fake world”... Read more

«Forming Arts»
District, Oporto, Portugal

An exhibition that celebrates the unifications of the emerging arts, promoted by Zizzi Art Premium Online Gallery and Malaika By Alibi, taking place at the new District... Read more

«Biennial of Contemporary Arts»
Brasilia, Brazil

To promote and reflect about the current artistic movements, SESC is conducting for the first time at the Federal District (Brasilia, Brazil) the Biennial of Contemporary Arts... Read more

Casino Lisboa Art Gallery, Portugal

All painting is theft. A steal from reality. A rational reinterpretation of light, based on memories and tainted by imagination. There is too much information in the human figure to... Read more

Verney Gallery, Oeiras, Portugal